You attract your kind with your conversation on social media

The kind of conversation you have on social media is going to determine the kind of followers you attract to yourself. You are building a reputation by the kind of content you post and conversations you engage in on social media, you are being recognized for a particular kind of subject and line of communication.

While you are doing this, you are also building a particular type of audience, this kind of audience will naturally follow you because you have a common interest(s). You will have two kind of followers, those who are seeking the kind of content you post and those who will corroborate what your post.

If you are not happy with the kind of followers you have then you have to check the content you post and the kind of conversations you join, does it enhance your brand? does it help you to attain your business goal?

As you are building your brand online, you need to be deliberate with everything you do on social media, the kind of content you post and the conversations you join because good or bad, a perception is being formed about you in the mind of others. Remember, you attract your kind.

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