What you need to consider before joining groups

Social media groups, especially Facebook groups are great channels to meet and engage with other social media users, it is an avenue to join a community of like-minded users.

By joining a group, you can build better relationship with others as you join in conversations in the group, you get to enjoy the different shades of opinion that are shared in the group. As you join in conversations, you are also building your brand, as others are reading and engaging with your content in the group, they are forming an impression about you, you are also building a reputation in the group, some of these persons are likely to contact you to build a closer relationship with you and that can lead to better business for you.

This is good for your business but what kind of groups should you join? should you be a member of just any group?

You need to remember that being a member of a group is an investment, you are investing your time, your intellect and resources so you need to have some considerations before joining a group.


Does joining the group aligns with your overall business goal?

The most important thing you need to consider before joining a group is what is the goal of the group and does it align with your overall business goal. Your business goal should be the catalyst for all you do on social media, time is precious and should not be wasted, you do not want to invest so much of your time and resources on groups that don’t align with your business goal.


What value do you bring to the group?

Similar to the goal of the group, you need to consider the kind of value you bring to the group, you need to give back to the group, you need to give value as you build your brand in the group, you need to have a win-win mentality, people need to see you as providing help to them.


What kind of language is used in the group?

The manner of communication that is acceptable in the group should also be considered before joining a group, are foul languages acceptable in the group? is that acceptable to you? does it help your brand building strategy?
If it doesn’t manner to you how others use this kind of language in the group, will you accept it if someone uses it on you and how will you respond?
If the kind of language used in the group is not an acceptable language to you then you need to reconsider joining such a group.


What kind of reputation does the group have?

When you join a group, you share in the kind of reputation that the group has, so before joining a group, you need to consider the kind of reputation the group has and if you will want to be associated with that kind of reputation.
Does the group have an untrustworthy reputation? does the group have a reputation as a friendly environment?


Are there potential prospects in the group?

One of the main purpose of being on social media is increase your sales by increasing your customer base, you need to consider if you will most-likely increase your customer base by meeting potential prospects in the group. You need to consider if there are people in the group who are likely to want your product and can pay for it.

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