What digital footprints are you leaving behind?

Everyday that you use the internet, everything you do on the internet paints a picture of who you are. Just as it is when you walk on sand, you leave a trail of footprints that lead to your location.

Everytime you spend on the internet, on websites, emails, social media, apps, laptop, mobile phone, you are adding to the establishment of a reputation online, you are leaving a mark which is used to build who you are online.


Digital footprint

Digital footprint is a trail of all you do online from your use of social media, the comments you react to and make, the post you make, the contents you share, the websites you visit and the apps you do.

It is important to be clear about the kind of reputation you want to build online because the internet takes note of everything you do.

When you visit a website or shop online, websites use cookies to keep track of your activities and preference.

You bought a dress online, then the next time you come online or shop online you begin to see complimentary items to the dress you bought online, it is because of the digital footprints you left behind.


Anonymity is dead

Don’t fool yourself that you can be anonymous online, your activities online is tracked and data is stored. This is used by online platforms and companies to send targeted messages to you.

Have you wondered when you were thinking of how to loose weight, you suddenly began to see contents on weight loss?


How digital footprints affects your reputation

It is important to have a goal for being online and stick to it because every content you build and post is building a reputation for you online.

This reputation is buiilt into the minds of your online followers, this can help you in the case where your identity has been compromised online, your followers can have an informed guess because it is not consistent with the digital footprints and reputation your have left behind.

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