Website vs Social Media

On the dawn of social media, businesses and companies were skeptical about the benefits to be derived from it as a marketing and promotional channel. However the reverse seems to be the case now.

Reliance of on just social media is a major mistake of businesses and brands, social media can not replace a professionally well-designed website. Wrong use of social media has made businesses and brands to neglect their website and focused totally on the social media for their business development, marketing and promotion. The website should be the ultimate destination for protecting the integrity, credibility, trust, relationships created and closure of social interaction. Why should this be?

Drive traffic to your website


The indisputable truth is that brands are seeking to leverage social media to further their own goals, not those of the platform. The reason why businesses and brands are on social media is to connect and leverage on it to increase their exposure and revenue. They are not on it to make the platform richer. Businesses and brands are on social media to build relationships and bring them to their website, the social media can not replace your website, your website customizes user experience with unique landing pages and getting feedback for future one-one communication.

Control and Measurement


Your website gives you better control of the information you put out and how they are presented. See the social media as an excerpts and your website as the details. You get long-term and better measurement of the effectiveness of your social media campaign on your website. The relationships you build on social media actually belong to the platforms and not your business.

Terms and Condition


Brands and businesses relationships on social media are subject to the terms and condition of the social media platforms. Many businesses and brands have not read the terms and condition of these social media platforms, these terms and conditions can be changed at any time without notice, this can hurt your goal of interaction on social media. On brands and businesses websites, the terms and conditions are tailored towards the goals and best interest of the brands and businesses.

Campaign Lifespan and Hub


The social media campaign of brands and businesses have a life span on the platforms because the platforms have other campaigns to present, but brands and businesses have total control of how long they want keep taking leads on their websites. You can be on different social media platforms but have your website as a hub, from your website you shoot into different directions from one place.

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