Using emojis to have a softer conversation

Using photos and videos is very efficient for brands to engage with their audience on social media. It has always been a fundamental aspect of brand communication.

However, brands need to incorporate emojis in their engagement with their audience, not just on social media but also in emails.

There might be situations that sending a video in the middle of a conversation might be too much, in this case an emoji can be used to pass the right message across.

Using emojis in a conversation softens the text engagement, there is the tendency for text engagement to appear harder than intended and misunderstood, using emojis gives the audience a better perspective of what you mean.

By using emojis, the audience can imagine your state of mind and your conversation is likely not to be misunderstood, social media users are more likely to mirror your behaviour online, so will respond with their own emojis.

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