Is you answer "YES" to any of the following questions:

  • Are you constantly waiting for others to make the first move?
  • Are you constantly worrying about what people are thinking about you?
  • Do you like something and when you are ask if you want it, you deny you like it and say NO?
  • Does your possession or lack of it determine your happiness?
  • Are you constantly suspicious of people's motive? and more ...

All of these is down to a lack of confidence.
Nobody likes to be around a person they have to always justify what they do to.
Nobody likes to be around a person that is always suspicious of others.
Nobody likes to be with a person who is like a timed bomb because of mood swings, you never know what you'll say that will tick them off.

Lack of confidence will cost you relationships, friendships, opportunities, business, etc.

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Meet Your Host - Weston Godspower

Hello! I'm Weston Godspower. I am a brand, marketing and sales consultant, a character and confidence trainer and a teen advocate.

As a trainer, I train small business owners how to build systems to effectively and efficiently run their business and improve their RoI as well as train individuals on how to live a confident and unique life of character.

As a consultant, I help small business owners attain their business goals using digital marketing techniques, tactics and strategies. For over a decade, he has helped clients in different sectors of the economy such as education, religious, oil and gas, communication and more to do their business easier, faster and better.

As a teen advocate, I help teens use social media efficiently and effectively as well as transcend seamlessly into adulthood by bridging the gap between them no longer being a child but not yet an adult.

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