The United Airline Story and Social Media

Business and brands have reputation that are to be protected by all employees at all times. An employee might have good intentions but if wrongly applied can hurt the image and reputation of the employer very badly. In this day of social media and smart phones, employees should be watchful of what they say and do, they have to know they are not just talking to the audience in front of them, their is a wider audience out there watching too, all it takes is for someone to take a photo and post in online, someone can even be streaming the encounter live on Facebook.

Lessons can be learnt from the United Airline incident in which a passenger was forced out of the airplane, the incident was all over the social media, seen all over the world, the CEO of United Airline had to issue an apology and they had to do damage control.

This has given people an impression that will be very hard to change, this can also affect the revenue of a business as less people will be inclined to patronize them. Business and organization need to train their staff on the awareness and proper use of social media.


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