Social media users choose honesty over trendy for brands

The number one thing people are more concerned about on social media is not if you are trending but if you are honest. Honesty is more important to your brand that trending, once people perceive your brand to be dishonest, that is the beginning of the end of your brand, do not seek so much to trend that you trend for the wrong reasons.

86% of consumers (Sprout Social) say the behaviour they want from brands on social media is HONESTY! You don’t want to lose the trust of your prospects and customers, you don’t want to be perceived as a brand that lies, whatever content you put on social media must be authentic and accurate, don’t deliberately post misleading contents, this can do irreparable damage to your brand. These are 5 reasons how honesty can help your brand.



People will trust and rely on your brand when they know you will tell the truth at all times for the information about your product that you put out.



Your brand will be perceived as authentic when people see you to be who and what you claim to be.



People will be more willing to tell their friends and family about your brand when they know you are honest, that means more business for you.


You get honesty back

Most people mirror your behaviour, so when your brand is honest, people are more likely to be honest with you too because they will feel they have to reciprocate your gesture.


Stay out of trouble

When your brand is honest with the content that it shares on social media, it won’t have to cover it’s tracks, that keeps the brand out of trouble and negative publicity, you won’t be trending for the wrong reasons.

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