Social media marketing is not a quick weight loss program

It is common among many small business owners who are new to social media marketing and digital marketing to believe they can just create an account, put money down to run some advertisement and boom..customers will come rushing in.

When this does not happen they get frustrated, say it does not work and they stop entirely. As a business we have experienced this in our work with small businesses and we continue to educate this set of small business owners on how it really works.

Many small businesses are looking for instant results and they can’t be blamed for this, it is common to see promises of instant gratification and success on social media, this leads to early discouragement when the promised results are obviously not forthcoming.

Success in social media marketing and digital marketing is not a quick weight loss program nor is it a sprint, it requires a long term commitment, it requires patience, it requires testing and retesting to get what strategy works for your brand. Success in social media marketing and digital marketing takes time, time to establish your audience, time to build contents targeted at your audience, time to establish and grow your brand.


Giving up early

Many small businesses give up very early, most had no prior online presence and are not patient enough to grow it. They do not understand that prospects on social media go through phases before they make a buying decision, they stop and their business begins to suffer for it.

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