Social media beats traditional media

TV commercials do not have the kind of effect it used to have when it was the main medium of marketing and promoting a brand, product and business. Social media has taken over the game. Moving to digital marketing can be the best business decision you’ll ever make.

Gone are the days when we see a commercial on TV and instantly make a buying decision, now what we do after seeing a commercial is to do a research, check for the product or brand online and when we can not find it, that’s bye! bye!! to the brand.

When commercials on TV and radio were the main medium to promote a brand, all a company had to do was to get their commercials on TV and then wait for the buyers to call in, hoping that they buy into the message, that does not work anymore. Before buying, a prospect will research the product and business for integrity and accuracy, buyers are a lot smarter now.

Newspaper ads and billboards are repeating the same message month-in month-out. At best you read a few newspaper and watch a few TV network a day, seeing only a restricted view point, on social media, you get diverse view points.

Traditional media is a one way broadcasting while with social media you can have a one-on-one interaction with prospects. Social media offer monumental marketing value to business and brands over traditional medium.


With a powerful digital marketing strategy, social media offers precision marketing, brands can get their message direct to their intended demographic than the blanket broadcast of traditional media, a 60 year old might use a headphone but the company will want to target a much younger demographic living in a particular region.


Social media marketing campaigns are less expensive than a TV or Radio commercial. It is a fraction of the cost of TV and Radio adverts to reach the same number of people, with social media you reach even more people.


With a TV and Radio commercial, you reach only the people in a particular region, if you want to reach a wider audience you have to be on more TV and Radio networks but with social media, from your base you chose how far you want to go, you might want to restrict your campaign to a particular region or let it go to the whole world.


You get instant feedback on what people think of your product or brand with social media, you can see where you have to do more work on, you can tell who is about to make a buying decision and their preferences.


Have you heard the phrase; “I saw it on Facebook”, “it’s on Google”… People believe what they read and see on social media, you can build a trusting relationship with customers with your digital marketing campaign, it gives your prospective buyers the opportunity to learn all they need to know about your brand and product.


You can not take direct orders with your TV and Radio commercials. Your digital marketing strategy gives you the platform to take instant orders for your product.  Just as the prospective buyers are viewing the product, they can make a buying decision and pay instantly, that means money in the bank for you.

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