Small business challenges in having a website and how to solve them!

It is almost impossible for small businesses to be profitable without having their business on the internet, every small business must have a website but there are some challenges that small businesses have in having an effective website that actually helps to improve their business. Maintaining an optimized website is critical to building a brand and generating leads for small businesses.

Many small businesses will find that it takes some work on their part when they want to have a website for their business, many are not prepared for this and it becomes a challenge for them to have an effective website.

Let’s look at a few of these challenges:

No Content

Content is King! Many small businesses don’t document their process, so when they want to have a website for their business, there is the challenge of developing contents that actually tell a selling story about their business, this includes text, photos and videos.


Some small businesses treat their website with some levity because they fail to understand how their website can improve their business, they treat their website like an expenditure and not as an investment. Due to this levity many see their website as a one-off and are not likely to keep it updated.


Either due to lack of funds or in a bid to save cost, many small businesses take shortcuts like low budget hosting plans, free templates, hiring non-professionals, etc. that turn out to cost them more in the long term because they will not be satisfied with the outcome and this will negatively affect their business as the website will not generate leads.

Poor Quality

Bad user experience will hinder traffic to a website, lack of traffic means no lead generation for the business, due to the lack of content and desire for shortcuts, their website design will be poor and will not give optimal user experience, visitors to the website who get a bad user experience will tell their friends and family and the small business will not generate leads.

No Support

After development support is needed to have a website that improves business, many times small business owners believe they can do it themselves and do not seek after development support. They are not tech savvy and do not have a team designated to provide this support, their website will suffer for it and it will in-turn affect their business.


The Solution

As a small business owner, you should see your website as very essential to your business and be willing to invest in it. If you have challenges in documenting your process and developing contents for your website, you should work with a professional company, Procrows Nigeria can help you in developing the contents for your website.

It might seem the obvious decision to use free templates because of cutting cost but this will turn around to cost you more in the long term due to lost opportunities, lack of leads, no uniqueness as thousands of others are using the same free templates, your brand is not respected as you appear like everyone.

You need to have a maintenance plan that provides the support you require to keep your website updated.

Finally, your website is an investment, not an expenditure so it has to be nurtured.

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