Simple Ways to know a friend request is likely from a fraudster

Cyber fraudsters are roaming around on Social Media, deceiving and defrauding unsuspecting people, causing pain, shame and regrets.

A common way they start with is by sending you a friend request.

The implication of accepting this friend request is that not only do you expose yourself to these thieves, you also expose those on your friends list because they can have access to your friends list.

If you follow these simple ways of detecting a fraudulent friend request, you are not only saving yourself but at the same time, you are saving your friends.

Here we go!

Friend request from a very beautiful lady, check her photos and you find a maximum of 4 photos.

We know ladies and selfies, they brush their hair they take a selfie, how come this guy, sorry, girl is different?

None or very little personal information.

No family, marriage status, school or work history is Red Flag.

90% of comments on posts made are about how beautiful or sexy the person is.

The only thing on display is sex appeal, nothing socially intelligent.

The person is not in any group photo.

No photo with others, all photos are selfies in sexy pose, no photo with friends, no tag, etc.

Unusual low number of friends.

For a girl so beautiful, why does she have so few friends, no work or school friends?

Custom Officer selling cars and rice

Are custom officers also traders?

Babalawo Money Ritual

Does he not like money? he should do for himself and leave the dirty environment.

Most of these fraudulent accounts are created in a hurry for the purpose of fraud, so the fraudsters always leave out a lot of details.

Save yourself and your friends.

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