Simple way to grow your business online with just one customer!

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, without customers there is no sales, without sales there is no revenue, without revenue their is no profit, without profit there is no business.

The number one purpose of business is to get customers, for a small business just starting out to get customers online, it might appear like a big task but it shouldn’t be so, it’s a process, all you need is just one customer. This is how..

Get your product ready for the market.

It will not help your business if opportunities meet you unprepared, so you have to master your product and get it ready for the market, you must have found how to match your product to the needs of your audience.

Get out there.

Put your product out there, talk about it, post about it, create awareness about your product, run paid adverts on social media.

Get just one customer.

All you need is one customer, yes, just one! When you get this one customer, provide excellent service to this customer, make this customer feel good, let them have a wonderful experience and deliver on your promise.

When you have done this successfully, ask them for a referral, ask they to give you the names and phone numbers of 5 of their friends in the same industry who will like to have your product, they are most likely to give it to you if they were happy with your product.

When they do, call this new prospects, fix an appointment, show them what you did for your referee and how it is helping their business, they are likely to take your product, people don’t want to feel like they are missing out, if 3 take your product, you now have 4 customers, repeat the cycle, in no time, you will build a large base of customers.

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