Simple steps to protect your Facebook account

There has been a high rate of social media users claiming that their Facebook account has been hacked.

90% of the time this is down to negligence on the part of the account owner with almost zero effort by the presumed hacker.

A former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria who is also very vocal on Social media, the respected Chief Femi Fani-Kayode lost his account to supposed hackers and the “hackers” were said to have demanded $20,000 to give it back.

Now, these incredibly simple steps will save you so much trouble and protect your Facebook account.


Don’t login on someone’s device

This is a common mistake, no matter how close you are to someone, don’t use their device to login because there is the tendency for you to forget to log out and that leaves your account open to anyone that comes in contact with the device.


Not logging out from a public system

If you use a public computer or in your office, never forget to log out. Similar to the first one, anyone with access to the computer can make changes to your settings.


Don’t use you Facebook account details as login to external website

Some external website will ask you to use your Facebook login details as login to their website, this is meant for ease of use, they can also post some promotional materials on your behalf too though many claim your login detail is safe with them but it is out there.


Not activating 2 Factor Authentication

Use your phone number to activate 2 factor authentication so that if someone is attempting to log into your account, you will get a code as SMS to your phone number, they can’t log in without the code. The same thing applies if you forgot you password or you attempt to login with a device you don’t usually use.


Your Facebook account password is weak

You Facebook password is easy to guess using the personal information on your profile.


Not locking your phone

Set a password on your phone to lock it if you always have your Facebook app open, don’t leave your phone unsupervised with people you don’t trust.

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