Should you call-out anyone on social media?

When you log into your Facebook account, the first thing you see is “What’s on your mind” or “What’s happening” on Twitter.

You just had an unpleasant situation with your boss or your friend and you are so in the mood to state what’s on your mind.

A negative news about someone might be trending on social media and you want to give your opinion about it.

You are unsatisfied with the service rendered to you by a company and you want the world to know how bad it was. You want to name and shame them.

It is becoming common for social media users to call people out on social but you really need to pause and think about it before you do it.

You need to answer the following questions before you call anyone out on social media.


Is it correct?

Is the information you want to post an accurate narrative of the situation? Posting inaccurate information about another person or brand will do serious damage to their image and reputation.

That 6 seconds you use to post an inaccurate narrative might require years to repair.

Also know that you can be sued and possibly be jailed if found guilty of posting inaccurate information about a brand or person on social media.

Who does it benefit?

If you are the only one that will benefit from the calling out, then you might need to have a rethink. Remember that the brand you want to call-out has employees that work for them and they support their family with the salary they earn, so there are many people you’ve not put into consideration that might be affected especially if you are inaccurate.

Emotional trauma

You might be causing a person to be traumatized by calling them out on social media, you really need to think about this, already there is a correlation between mental illness and social media use for some persons, calling them out on social media will only add to their pain.

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