Sharing the content of others is valuable to you

Content curation is sharing of content that is not originally developed by you, these are contents that belong to others on social media.

Social media has given small businesses access to information and to sources of this information. Sharing this information in also valuable to your brand, resist the temptation of thinking you are promoting another brand against yours.

Content curation is valuable to your brand, as you are sharing content that your audience will find useful, this helps to also position you as one that has access to superior knowledge.

When you share content from others, they will see who shared their content and this can connect you to the brand that are likely to be leaders in that particular industry.

You will get noticed by these leaders and also by your audience, so it’s a double win for you, it also helps you in growing your audience. Those you share their content are also likely to reciprocate by sharing valuable content from you, opening up their own audience to you.

However, content curation must be done properly:

Don’t pass anyone’s content as yours, don’t try to take credit for it, if it’s a text content and you are copying it, give the source a mention, acknowledge the source in the content. It is also advisable to just share the content in the original form.

If you try to take credit for it, you risk having to deal with an embarrassing situation when the source of the content sees it, they might just make a comment and that is bye- bye to your integrity and reputation online, you can’t be trusted with whatever content you post anymore.

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