Setting Social Media Marketing Goal

As a small business owners it can appear easy to at the drop of a hat tell what you believe is your goal for being on Social Media but is it going to improve your business?

For you to build a successful brand and Social Media marketing strategy, you have to be very clear with your objectives.

Social Media marketing can be a lot of work and if there is no clear objective, it can be easy for small businesses to get distracted and waste their time on things they shouldn’t be doing.

Small businesses goal on social media marketing have to be S.M.A.R.T. This will give a clear direction on the way to go.

Let’s take a look at how to set a S.M.A.R.T. Social Media marketing goal.

The Goal has to be SPECIFIC

What exactly do you want to achieve with your Social Media marketing?

Do you want to get 1000 followers in 3 months?

Do you just want to create awareness?

Do you want to increase your sales?

Being specific helps you to stay focus on the main thing.

The Goal has to be MEASURABLE

There has to be a way to know if you are making progress in your Social Media marketing and that can be done by looking at where you were and where you are, you should be able to put it in numbers, you need to actually see that you are making progress.

If you want to increase your sales, by how much?

The Goal has to be ATTAINABLE

Can you meet your Social Media marketing goal?

Do you have what you need to meet it?

Your Social Media marketing goal is going to place a demand on you but it should be one that you have what it takes to achieve it

If your goal is to increase your sales by 50%, it should be one you can achieve with the resources you have else it will fail.

The Goal has to be RELEVANT

Your Social Media marketing goal has to be relevant to your overall business goal. This is what makes it business for you, this is where you know you are not wasting your time in Social Media

The Goal has to be TIME BOUND

Any goal without a deadline is no goal. There has to be a timeframe to meet your Social Media marketing goal, it can not be open-ended. Deadline also make you to know if you are successful or not and what to improve on.

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