People trust content on your website more

Trust is the number one thing to establish if you want to be successful with your business online. People are generally skeptical with information on the internet unless they trust the source of the information.

Social media is a great leveraging tool, unfortunately it is also used to peddle misleading information without a verifiable source. This is where your website becomes a massive tool for the success of your business online.

The following below is how you can gain this trust with your website:

You have your own terms of use

Your terms of use is binding on how your website is used and what you do with the data you collect from users of your website. It gives them the assurance that whatever personal data they share with you on your website will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

You alse establish authenticity of the contents you share on your website. Users can trust you not to mislead them with the contents on your website.


Contents on your website are vetted by your company, your company is a legal entity that can sue and be sued so extra care is taken not to post content that will lead to litigation for the company. This litigation will be bad for the reputation of the company and will have serious damage on your brand.

Physical address, Phone Number & Email Address

Your business physical address, phone numbers and email address are clear on your website for easy reach. You are not hiding behind a keypad, you are not anonymous, you are real and can be found, you have nothing to hide.

You also have your email address in your domain name,

You’ve invested in your process, you have an official and professional medium of communication, you show you are a properly structured business. This is going to make people trust you and take you serious.

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