One Simple way for small businesses to generate leads

Small businesses have to be innovative to increase their sales by not just selling their products, they also need to focus on giving their customers an unforgettable experience and these customers will in-turn promote their business to others.

One simple way small businesses can increase their online leads is by having a stand-out point. As a small business owner, you can invite an artiste to create a beautiful artwork, it could be a painting, sculpture, etc.

This artwork will be so eye-catchy and unique, strategically positioned where no one can miss it. Trust social media users who come to your business to take selfies, group photos and videos with the artwork, with this experience, they are more likely to be repeat customers and will bring their friends and family along to share in the experience.

They will all share the photos and videos on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wall making them advocates of your business.

By connecting your brand to this awesome experience and memories, you are most likely to generate leads that will turn out to increase sales for your business.

Photo credit: Picasso

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