No one should take an audio, a photo or video of you in a compromising position

It doesn’t matter how close your relationship with anyone is, don’t let anyone take a photo, video or audio of you in a compromising position. If you are not comfortable doing any of these, don’t do it.

If you can not stop your audio, photo or video from being taken make your objections very clear and vocal, let it be known that your consent was not sought-after and was not given, this is so that whoever gets to consume the media content will be aware it was done without your permission.

This is necessary to protect your reputation online from being damaged, this damage can take years, resources and physical toil to redeem.

In the case that you allow this to happen, know that there can be consequences, there is a high chance of the media file being leaked, either by the person that took it or by someone else who might come in contact with it, the person might drop the phone carelessly, give the phone to others, or show the file to others who can easily transfer it and before you know it, it has gone viral.

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