Manage your online reputation

The number one asset you have on social media is your reputation. Your reputation comes before your product, your reputation is why people make the decision to buy from you or not, you need to guide and manage your reputation online because everything is fitted to it.

Why is this important?

People spend more than half of their time on social media and about 85% of prospects use the internet to search for a product before purchasing. So before a prospect actually gets in contact with your brand, the prospect has already formed an opinion of you and this opinion is based on what others have said about you online, this may be true or false but it is there and how you manage it can either spell doom or boom for your business.

The following steps will guide you on how you can manage your reputation online. Here we go.


What do you post?

Use social media to give your brand a voice by sharing valuable contents with you audience. You content should show how you can help them with their lives and business without necessarily screaming “Buy! Buy!! Buy!!” Also encourage your audience to share their content with you.


What do others say about you?

What others say about you is seen by the millions of users on social media, you should not be the last person to know about it. As a brand, you need to be checking your digital footprints regularly, not just on the networks you frequently use but on all, this is so that you can understand the impression that potential customers are having about you.


Get reviews and testimonials

If you have happy customers, ask them for a review and testimonial, use this to show how you cater for the needs of your customers. If the customers are happy with your product and service, they will give it to you. The opinion of your customers has a huge effect on acquiring new customers, people want to see what others have said about you before making a buying decision and if it is good, they will want the same feeling.


Be honest and transparent

Remember, you need a lie to cover a lie, if you lie once, you’ll keep lying. Never lie because you want to get customers, the internet never sleeps, what you said years ago can be called back, be consistent with what you say, honesty and transparency will help you to build trust with prospects and customers, people have to trust you that you will do what you say you will do for them to do business with you.


Don’t ignore messages

There are some prospects who want some privacy and may not engage you openly. They might send a message to you, regularly check your messages, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, etc. and respond promptly, don’t keep messages unattended to for days.


Responding to negative comments

This is one that some brands struggle with. Negative comments will come, there is nothing you can do about that but you can keep it to the minimum by how you respond to it. Give a personalize response without being personal, keep your impulse in-check, resist the urge to respond in like manner especially when you know the comment is false, be professional in your response.

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