Maintaining Brand Consistency

A major component of success on social media for small businesses is consistency. Your brand has to be consistent on all social media platforms, every content shared on social media must enhance your brand message, as a brand, your message on Facebook should not be different from your message on Twitter or Instagram, this does not mean you must cross-post but your message should remain one on all platforms.

If your brand message is not consistent on all platform, your audience is going to be confused about what you are really about and remember, the attention span of social media users is very short so you run the risk of losing them forever.

Let’s look at how you can be consistent with your brand across platforms.

Brand Name

Your brand name should be the same on all platforms, in the case where your preferred name has been taken, choose a name that is as near as possible to your brand name. Using a consistent brand name across platforms makes it easy for user to remember and recognize your brand name.

Brand logo, Initials, Signature

Images you use on all platforms should carry your brand logo, initials or signature. The position that you place them on should be consistent at all times, if you place them at the right top, maintain the position, don’t place them at the bottom on another platform. You will be recognized for the uniqueness of your logo, initials or signature and the position you place them on.

Brand Message

You might use different content on different platforms and post at different times of the day but your brand message must remain the same, if your brand message is designed to connect with the audience emotions, maintain that across platforms.


As a brand you have to decide which platforms will be beneficial to your overall business goal and help you to attain it. You do not have to be on all platforms, if you can not manage all platforms, it will be better to start with one platform, it is better to be excellent on one platform than to appear mediocre on all platform, don’t spread yourself too thin, take the time to study the platform that has the most of your potential audience and focus on it.

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