Having an effective video marketing strategy

Tell your brand story by connecting with the emotional aspects of your brand. Customers gets an inside feel of the character of your organization through an effective video marketing strategy, the facelessness of your organization is taken away, this makes people feel they know you and can connect with you.

Video marketing instills trust in potential customers. There are other organizations like yours so an effective video marketing strategy gives you credibility and when you make your video interactive you influence the potential customers perception of your organization.

Most people will connect more to visual than text, if a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine what video is worth. The influence of video combined with voice is very powerful, videos are more searchable as Google now favours video in SEO, that gives video a big edge over text in global reach and audience. In as such as video marketing is a great way to grow your brand, if there is no effective strategy for it, it might turn out to hurt the brand badly.

A video marketing strategy should focus on a story not a sale, concentrate on the value you are bringing to the customer than anything else, it should also educate your customers about your products and keep it short, don’t bore them with long videos.

An effective video marketing strategy includes analytics which tells you who is watching your video, from where, their age range etc. It will also enable the brand to grow large followership,  the more interesting your video, the more people will share with their friends.

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