Instagram is hiding likes and the implication for brands

Instagram announced that it will start hiding likes as a test on some users in the United States. This is coming after a similar test was carried out in Canada and Japan.

The likes will only be visible to the poster but won’t be visible to the public.

There are concerns that social media use by some users is leading to some mental disorder such as anxiety and depression.

This is meant to make Instagram less of a competition of who has more likes but about quality of connections and engagements.

What does this mean for a brand

This is going to change a lot of things on Instagram, it is going to change how brands use Instagram, brands are going to need to change their strategy on Instagram.

The focus for brands now is going to be on quality and not quantity. The focus is going to be on creating high value content that will really connect with users.

There is going to be a shift from metrics to actual results, as a brand, you will be less concerned about how many users like your content but on how many users connect with you by following up to make contact with you online and offline.

We also predict that there is going to be a major shift in influencer marketing.

Since emphasis will no longer be on number of likes but on quality of content, brands will move from influencers who have many followers to content creators and developers.

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