Innovate, go digital or go extinct

The world is going to experience a digital revolution after COVID-19. Whatever kind of business you do, you should start seeing yourself as a tech company, it is no longer an excuse to claim not to be techy.

In the begining of 2000, there was a tech revolution and big companies who didn’t buy-into tech were filing for bankruptcy not long after.


Let’s take a look at a company, Blockbuster.

Blockbuster was a home movie and game rental company that had about 9,000 stores, in 2000, Netflix was a smaller company providing movie streaming service online with about 300,000 subscribers.

Netflix approached Blockbuster to be bought for $50 million. Blockbuster turned down the offer because it saw the digital streaming business as a very small niche business.

It was an opportunity for Blockbuster to innovate and take it’s business digital but this was jettisoned.

In 2020, Netflix subscribers are expected to reach 200 million with a revenue expected to be $5.5 billion meanwhile Blockbuster has only one store left.

It does not matter how big any company think they are, not being innovative to digital change will see them go extinct.

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