If you don’t like the kind of followers you are getting, do this!

Have you noticed that when you post content about a particular subject on social media, you start seeing advertising on that subject, you also start getting friend request and followers from people who are posting about the same thing and have the same interests.

A client told us of his experience when he was looking for how to lose weight and he began to see advertising from fitness coaches, we won’t go into the advertising targeting for now but what happens when what you are seeing and the followers you are getting is not what you like?

What you have to do is to check the core of the content you post on social media because it is your content that brings the kind of followers you get. If you are posting contents about politics, you will start getting friend request and followers who talk about politics too.

It goes back to what do you want to achieve with your social media use for your business, determine your core message and stick to it, it doesn’t mean you can’t post about other subjects but you have a core message, this message will determine the kind of content you post and the content you post will determine the kind of followers you get, so if it’s not what you want, change it.

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