How to identify your target audience

Except you are selling air, it does not matter what you sell as a small business owner, it does not matter how fantastic your product is, it is not for everyone. Not everyone is your target audience, not everyone is going to buy from you.

As a small business owner, you need to be strategic about your presence on social media, you need to be strategic about the audience you want to sell to. There is the tendency to be excited about big numbers, that is good but who are the big numbers?

It does not matter how many they are, if they can not afford your product and there is no potential for them to become a customer, they are not your target audience. They may like your product but you can not deposit LIKES in the bank, you can not grow your business on LIKES.

You need people who need, can use and can afford your product, these are the people you should target on social media, this group of persons are your target audience.


Profiling your target audience

Profiling your target audience is the process of understanding who is actually a prospect in order for you to have an effective digital marketing strategy. Profiling your target audience will save you time and give you focus on the who your potential customer is.

Consider the following as you profile your target audience:

Who they are

There are things you need to consider to know who your target audience is such as age, income, needs, buying patterns, what platforms they use, language, gender and aspirations.


What are the short term and long term potentials

When you have determined who they are, you need to determine what is the short term and long term potential of your target audience. Some of the persons in your audience might be passive buyers, some might be active buyers, some may not be repeat buyers while some may be, what will work for one may not work for the other so you need to determined what strategy will be effective for the different segments of your target audience.


Engage your target audience

As a small business owner, you need to give your target audience consistent value, you need to build your messages to engage with your determined target audience by understanding where, when and how to promote your content to match your Unique Selling Point to their needs, this will enable you to maximize your investment in budget and digital marketing strategy.

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