How not to get overwhelmed with social media

Social Media never sleeps, users are posting contents round the clock, for a brand that wants to keep up with what’s trending this can be consuming, you might find that you are spending so much unproductive time on social media.

With the different channels, it can become overwhelming for a brand to keep pace, some users have taken the drastic decision of leaving social media entirely because of the constant pressure but this does not have to be so.

We have put together some ideas how not to be overwhelmed with social media.


The Big “WHY”

Why are you on social media? You need to have a clearly defined purpose of being in social media else you might burn-out.

Every content on social media is not for you, as you define your purpose, it is going to guide you in the kind of people you follow and who follow you, it is going to keep you on track.


Have a theme

Always have a theme for the content you share on social media, by being consistent with your theme, you will be building a reputation that will make your brand a trusted one.

You will enjoy developing contents for social  media when you have a theme, having a theme sets boundaries for you.

It is easier to not get overwhelmed by having a theme than just posting random contents, today you are talking about animals, the next day you are talking about motor racing, this will distort your flow.


Resist the game

Don’t play the social media game. Don’t try to impress, concentrate on giving out value that is natural from you. Have a synergy between your social media use and your offline conversation, don’t be one thing on social media and another offline.

Celebrities tend to struggle with this because they want to or are expected to always be glamorous but life is not always glamorous and this can put ernomous pressure on them, forcing some to quit social media.



Get a schedule and keep to it, create block-time for your use of social media, don’t be checking your profile every 10mins, get busy offline, have physical meetings, hang out with friends.

You can use scheduling tools to help you if you can’t manage it yourself, use search and monitory tools to find the top people in your area of interest and follow them to have a productive time on social media.

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