Having an effective social media communication

An effective communication is one that the other party understand what you mean. There is an acceptable behaviour when communicating with people in person, though you don’t have that physical presence when you are communicating on social media but it still applies.

There is a framework of acceptable online behaviour, this is what is known as Netiquette. It is very important to adhere to this framework of good behaviour online because unlike physical communication where your non-verbal communication can be read to better understand you, on social media you are mostly left with just text communication and if not properly handled, an unintended message can be passed across with no chance to correct it, since the internet never sleeps, it becomes a permanent record of your communication.

We put together these simple steps to enable you communicate better on social media. Here we go.

Use simple and clear language

When you are communicating with prospects and social media followers, resist the temptation to want to appear like an expert by using technical jargon, it does not help you to communicate better if others do not understand what you mean, you might get give yourself a high-five for sounding like an expert but you have lost your followers. Remember communication is not complete if you are not understood.
Communicate in everyday language that your audience can easily understand, make it so simple that a 10yr old can read and understand your content. The language style on social media is semi-formal, so ensure you don’t appear too formal with your communication while at the same time passing the right message.


Be respectful at all times

Respect the privacy, opinions and choices of prospect and customers when communicating on social media. Watch the tone of your communication at all times, don’t act on impulse, take your time to go through the content you want to post on social media and think of how it affects your brand. You don’t want to appear rude to prospects, sarcasm should be avoided except you have a strong offline relationship with the person and you are sure both of you are on the same length with the communication.


Use full text

Cultivate the habit of using full text in your communication on social media, while social media encourages abbreviations or short text, don’t use them when communicating with prospects and customers, if you mean ‘OK’, don’t type ‘kk’, if you mean ‘Thank you’, don’t type ‘tnk’, not only do you stand the risk of being misunderstood, it is actually a rude way to communicate with prospects or customers. It does not portray your brand as one to be taken seriously.


Don’t say what you can not say in-person

Don’t attempt to hide behind a non-existent anonymity on social media to post what you will ordinarily not say in-person. Don’t insult, abuse, no cursing, no name calling, don’t call anyone out on social media. It might do irreparable damage to your brand on social media. Minimize the use of cap-lock when typing as this is seen as yelling on social media.


Don’t show what you will not show in-person

Whatever you don’t want anyone to see in-person should not be part of your social media content, keep your impulse in-check, don’t post those wild night photos and videos. If you had a disagreement with a prospect or customer, don’t show it on social media, it should be handled privately offline, never forget that others see your content and are forming their perception about your brand from the content you post, that could be the difference between more or lost business for you.


Don’t send too many media files

Sometimes in a bid to appear professional, small business owners tend to send too many media files to prospects and customers such as audio and video files. You need to put into consideration the space and data limitation of your prospects, if you send too many media files, they may end up not opening them, if you desire to send media files, you should send them in batches or post them on your own resource and send them a link to view it.

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