Google and Facebook – Champions of digital ad

The digital marketing spending is expected to grow by 15 percent in 2017 according to reports by eMarketer with Google and Facebook being the champions of the digital ad space. Facebook and Google are expected to get half of all digital marketing ad for the year 2017.

Due to smart phone use in mobile search, Google dominates in search, with people searching for everything from products to directions. The search market is expected to generate $28.55 billion in revenues for Google in 2017, up 16.1 percent year-over-year and accounting for 78 percent of the sector’s total revenues.

Facebook is the undisputed leader in social media, dominating in display advertisement, Facebook users are increasingly captivated by videos on the platform both Live and Recorded thereby growing user engagements. eMarketer forecasts a 32.1-percent jump in its display business this year to $16.33 billion, 39.1 percent of the U.S. display market. Contributing to Facebook’s revenue growth is Instagram, which Facebook bought in 2012, 18 months after its launch, for $1 billion. In 2017, it will account for 20 percent of Facebook’s mobile revenues, up from 15 percent in 2016.


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