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Email marketing is one of the most common types of digital marketing to use, they are also one of the most toughest to do the right way, if done the right way, it is engaging and nurtures the subscribers into paying customers. It is easier for people to share emails they find interesting to their spouse, mom and dad, friends and acquaintance by simply clicking the forward button.

In as much as you want to increase your customer base with email marketing, you have to be careful not to be all about business, all about promoting your products, you need to engage your subscribers on a personal level with your subscribers. A subscriber should not see your email and want to delete it immediately because you send 3 emails a day to purchase! purchase!! purchase!!

Businesses and brands need to get personal with their email to subscribers, have a system that addresses subscribers by their name. Email marketing should not be a one way traffic, start a conversation with your subscribers, get them to tell you about what they like and don’t like about your company. This conversation creates a friendly atmosphere between the business and the subscribers, this in-turn makes them loyal to your brand and return customers.

Their feedback also makes the business know what they are not doing right and to improve that aspect of their business. If your subscriber sign up page takes information about their birthday, do not neglect that information, it is very valuable, you can have an automated system that they sends warm birthday wishes to them on their special day, that is a big score, I remember when once I got a call from my bank on my birthday, that got me smiling and didn’t leave my mind.

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