Facebook removes 10-second video metrics

Starting from November 2019, Facebook has announced that it is making some update to it’s video metric which includes the removal of the 10-second video metrics.

Removal of the 10-second metric includes ’10-Second Video Views’, ‘Cost per 10-Second Video View’ and ‘Unique 10-Second Video Views’.

According to Facebook:
“In July 2019, ThruPlay replaced 10-second video views as the default optimization for video views campaigns. ThruPlay optimizes for video plays to completion or for at least 15 seconds. We’ve found that ThruPlay optimization drives cost-efficient brand lift that’s on par with 10s video views, and exceeds 10s video views for ad recall lift. As part of this transition, we removed the 10-second video view optimization and billing option in July 2019. We will remove the corresponding metrics mentioned in October.”


Facebook is also changing the names of some video metrics, the purpose of the change is to enable advertiser better understand their ads performance with a clearer and more consistent name.

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