Facebook and Instagram ads may not run

If you are thinking of running fresh Facebook ads, you might want to defer that plan for now, what you can do at the moment is to extend the delivery date of you running ads because your ads are not likely to be approved in error as Facebook has shut down it’s office because of COVID-19.

According to Facebook:

“We use a combination of people and technology to review ads on Facebook and Instagram, and our automated systems already play a big role in that process. Now with a reduced and remote workforce, we’re relying on automated technology even more.”

What this means is that:

  • Your ads can be delayed or the delivery will be low
  •  You are not likely to be able to have maximum reach with your ads
  • Your ads can be disapproved incorrectly.

This is going to affect projections for your business and your goals for running the ad may not be attainable.

Facebook staff have been sent home as the office is shutdown and staff are expected to work from home however staff who can’t work from home are simply not working therefore capacity to deliver optimally in all services are limited, this includes ads reviews.



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