Don’t use TV ad on Digital

Putting your TV ad on digital is a mistake, it is like a round peg in a square hole. The message on TV is not the same that will go with digital. TV ads are traditionally just for consumption, it is a one way traffic and there is hardly any call-to-action, the viewers is not required to do anything but just to listen and watch. Digital ads is geared towards asking people to do something, maybe to call, like your page, visit your website, send an email etc.

The story line of a TV ad is sometimes too rehearsed, they appear too formal. The message of a TV ad is seen mainly at the end of the ad, in digital people can flip through the video and miss some message points, the message is more relaxed on digital.

TV ads are too long. Most TV ads are 30 to 60 seconds long. People on digital platforms are fliping through and might not have the patience to watch a 60 seconds ad. Digital ads are catchy, quick and straight to the point.

Ads content for digital are to be created separately from that for TV, digital ads content. Followers in digital have about 6 seconds attention span, if they don’t find it interesting withing that time, they will move on.

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