Doing this will hurt your business on social media

As a small business owner, if you want to succeed on social media then you must build your brand to be one that social media users will take seriously and respect. You should avoid doing anything that will bring distrust to your brand.

We notice something that is common amongst some small business owners, there is this one thing that they do and do not realize they are actually hurting their business.

Advertising your business in the comment box of an ad or post made by another business without the permission of the author.

We see this many times, when you do this, you project yourself and your business as dishonest else you wouldn’t attempt to take the space of another business or use their resources without their permission because that is actually what you are doing.

If you can not spend your own resources to invest on your business why should anyone trust you and your product? Why should anyone take you serious?

When you do this you show yourself as a business that will not mind cutting corners to get what you want, which means there is the high likelihood that you will not keep to your promise.

Doing this is the samething with interrupting another business when they are having a conversation with a prospect which is just plain rude.

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