Does social media use cause anxiety?

There is an ongoing debate about social media and anxiety. Social media is just a tool, however a massive tool, it is a tool that gives small businesses a platform to equally compete with big businesses because the entry level does not require a big budget.

As a tool it has to be properly used to get the desired results, though the entry level does not require big budget, it still takes considerable resources and time.

It is this time spent in social media that can cause anxiety for some person depending on what they do on social media. Many times this anxiety is due to unfairly self comparison with what others are doing on social media.

Anxiety has always been there, before social media, magazines have been here, people have been anxious looking at models in fashion magazines, people have been anxious watching TV shows, so it’s not social media that makes people anxious, people have been anxious and are still anxious.

A solution to this anxiety is to understand you are on social media to grow your business and concentrate on it as a business tool, it is a tool that can give your business the desired exposure on a considerable budget.

You focus on having great conversation with your followers, convert them to paying customers.

When this is your everyday focus, the anxiety will reduce if not eliminated.

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