Creating Brand Awareness Using User Generated Content

People are most likely to be influenced by others who look just like them, who do what they want to do and act like them.

A person is more likely to buy a pair of sneakers if he sees someone like him wear the sneakers, another is more likely to visit a restaurant if he sees someone like him dining there.

User generated content is an effective digital marketing strategy for a brand to create awareness, it is a huge endorsement when customers share content of them using your product.

People want to show the good life they live, they want others to see how good they look, if a brand can get customers to share content of them using the brand’s product, it will give the brand remarkable awareness and build trust among it’s prospects.

For users to happily do this, they must be satisfied with the product and service rendered, the brand must have excellent customer service to be able to convince their customers to share their content.

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