Creating attention on social media

You want to create attention on social media for your brand. You need to get people’s attention but what kind of attention do you need to create?

Yes, it is said that no publicity is bad publicity, however you need to know that as you build your brand on social media, whatever you do to create attention for your brand is not likely to go away. Remember that the internet never sleeps, the kind of attention you create will leave a digital footprint that can always be called back.

Create attention is meant to amplify your brand, so the way you go about creating this attention will be amplified negatively or positively. Here are a few tips.


Your Communication Style

“If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck” The way you communicate is going to have an effect on your brand. Do you talk very fast? Are you scripted or unscripted?

There is the tendency to talk a lot but be mindful of the words you say and how you say it.


Don’t Over Promise

Whatever you promise you must fulfill, don’t promise to do what you are not sure of fulfilling 100%, it will make you appear fraudulent. What will kill your brand very fast on social media is when you don’t fulfill a promise you made.


Does it promote your brand positively

Some persons do not mind getting bad publicity as long as they are in the news, some might even orchestrate a scandal just to trend and create attention towards them. As a brand you need to determine what the long term consequence of those actions will be on your brand, you need to determine if the attention is in line with your brand purpose and positioning.

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