Corona virus and social media

The corona virus is a pandemic that has affected Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. The world is connected with flights taking travellers from one part of the world to another, so it is a global pandemic that has led to loss of lives all over the world.

Schools are bring shut down as well as bars and hotels, all public gatherings are discouraged. Football matches are played in empty stadia, some sports competition are postponed, everyday life as we know it is seriously affected, cities are on complete lockdown.

Most employees are encouraged to work from home, teenagers are out of school for now, families are at home, this means that more people will be spending their time on social media for news, help, connecting with their friends and sharing information.

Everyone has to be responsible with information shared on social media, news and information shared on social media must be verifiable, before you share any information about the corona virus be sure to check the authenticity of the information shared, do some work to confirm the source of the information before sharing.

We recommend that you visit the World Health Organization’s website regularly for authentic information.

You should also get your news and information from public health organizations.

Resist the urge to be the first with the breaking news, your communication should show empathy to the affected. It is not unlikely that some persons will want to take advantage of the situation for selfish reason with conspiracy theories and fake news but that will be irresponsible.

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