Changing work place

Technology is changing the way we work. More people are working from virtual offices, communicating with their team from remote location, interacting with individuals from across the globe. Technology has made doing business faster, with cloud technology and enterprise solutions, companies can quickly get the data required to make accurate business decisions without storing all files on the local computer.

From the front desk to the CEO’s office, technology has change the game in organizations around the world. From customer care, marketing, web conferencing, productivity, sales, invoicing, to inventory, etc. technology has simplified business processes and increased profit for businesses, turning small businesses into global companies.


Customer service units are interacting with customers through e-mail, answering questions and sending invoices among others. With a company website customers can chat with the company to resolve whatever challenge the customer is having with a product or service in a much faster time.

Companies do not have to break the bank to have an effective marketing strategy. Small businesses have been freed from the restriction to print advertising. They now have different mediums to reach the customers from e-mail marketing to social media ads without having a big budget.


Business process can be automated with enterprise solutions that reduces if not eliminate the margins of error in documentation. Automating business processes increase productivity as personnel have more time to attend to other needs.

Instead of waiting for when they can have all personnel back to base for a meeting, companies can have a web conference where everyone makes their contribution to the meeting. Everyone is seen through the web cam. documents can be sent at a prompt to everyone for making faster business decision.

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