Big numbers does not always mean better

Brand and organizations are increasingly looking forward to have big numbers of followers on social media, this is ok and can help give the business exposure. So many are too focused on hitting big numbers in the millions and can miss the main point of why they want the numbers and they are on social media. Focus should be more on engagement than on big numbers most of whom might ‘just be passing through’. Save yourself the pressure of getting big numbers by following the points below.


The reason you have the numbers is for them to be converted to customers through sales or visit to your website. Huge followers does not mean increase in revenue through conversion, highly engaged followers are more likely to be converted to paying customers. The more interested a person is on your product the more likely he will be willing to pay for it. Big followers that are not engaged will not be effective to the brand.


Your audience are those who are engaged with you on social media, not the numbers you have. It is common to have thousands of followers and have less than 20% who are really engaged with you. These are the people who love your product and will pay for it. The rest are dormant followers, these numbers might make you appear popular but they will never engage with you.


Focusing on your engaged followers will build relationship with them that will last a long time and that is what building a brand or business is about, relationships, concentrate on your top followers who engage with you. Your engage followers are more likely to share your product contents with their friends, opening up other avenues of other engaged followers for you thereby gaining trust. Your engaged followers can also create content about your brand and distribute to their friends on social media at no cost to you.

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