Avoid this mistake as a brand

We are in an era of fast news, social media has changed the game as regards availability and promptness of news. It can be tempting to what to talk about what everyone is talking about, it can be tempting to flow with what’s trending, some small businesses have made the mistake of just going with what’s trending.

As a brand you need to analyze what is trending if it is what you must lend your voice to, you need to determine if it is what you will like to be associated with your brand.

Do not lose the uniqueness of your brand while chasing what’s trending because you think you will get a mention if you do. Without what makes you distinct, you lose your brand essence, you get lost in the crowd, you become like everyone, you offer nothing different, you get nothing more than a good feeling that you have added your voice to a subject but it is costing you your uniqueness and that is a mistake.



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