9 Golden rules of social media for brands

Social media is a viable medium for brands to interact with clients and potential clients but if used wrongly, the aim might be defeated. This 9 golden rules, though not exhausted will guide brands on having an effective social media campaign.

1. Be courteous, honest and respectful. If you’re not careful, social media gaffes can have a negative impact.

2. Do not misuse your position on social media for your own gain, and do not endorse any product, service or company. While there are exceptions, you should be careful about giving the appearance of making a government endorsement.

3. Address the roles and responsibilities for managing social media accounts as well as clearance procedures for approving tweets.

4. Make accessibility a priority, and provide alternate access to information posted on social media sites. Account for those who speak limited English.

5. An over reliance on hashtags, acronyms and abbreviations can create accessibility issues. Using a hashtag in the middle of a posting or the end, rather than at the beginning, makes it easier for people with disabilities to understand the post.

6. It’s not about the numbers; it’s about conversations, relationships and engagement, not masses.

7. Have a conversation; don’t just share content, engage with other social media users by joining in and starting conversations.

8. Keep it visual; web users love videos and photographs. If there is an activity going on, share photos and videos.

9. Think about your message; before you post something, think about how your content will appear on Facebook and other social networks. Enhance what you’re posting with a snappy title or headline, add an appropriate number, and offer a link for more information.

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