5 ways to handle negative comments on social media

Negative comments come with the territory. It’s not a question of if you will get a negative comment if you haven’t gotten one already but when.

You can not control the comments people make but you can control your response and the direction of the engagement.

These 5 ways will help you to professionally handle a negative comment on social media.


Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot of the comment or discussion for the purpose of documentation or if you feel you are not equipped to handle the comment, send the screenshot to someone who can.

Don’t delete

Resist the temptation to delete the comment. Others have already seen the comment, deleting the comment will show others that you are not equipped to handle engagements on social media. Some of the other social media users may just be waiting to see how you will respond to negative comments.

Take a moment to before you respond

Don’t respond on impulse. Take a moment to read the comment again to get the core of the comment. Understand where the social media user is coming from, understand the perspective of the comment before responding.

Don’t delay

While you should take a moment before you respond, don’t take too long to respond. Letting the comment go without a response gives control of the engagement to the negative comment and if you let it stay for long, other social media users will tend to believe it and your response when it comes will be too late to change any impression that might have be created about you.

Respond respectfully and firmly

When you finally respond to the negative comment, address the issues raised respectfully and firmly. Do not attack the character of the social media user that made the comment. Be professional, provide solutions where necessary, if you don’t have the solution, direct the user to where they can get solution.

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