5 steps to effectively keep your website fresh

The feeling you get when you just purchase a new item is the same feeling you get the first time you have your website developed, you are super excited, it is like a new baby, however, just like a baby, as you continue you will realize it takes work and time to keep your website fresh.

Your website is very important to your business, it is your holding house for your online activities.

Your website is so important that you can not allow it to be dormant, you have to keep it fresh as you drive visitors to it.

We have put together 5 steps to help you effectively keep your website fresh.

Hire a professional

There is the temptation to do it yourself while starting but as you go on you will realize that not only do you not have the technical abilities to keep your website going, you are also busy with your core business demands and don’t have the time required to work on your website. A professional is aware of trends in today and coming technologies.

Shoot straight

The content on your homepage should be direct and straight to the point, visitors to your website have very short attention span, if your website is geared towards making sales, go straight to the point with the process of placing an order. Don’t beat about the bush.

Speak their language

You need to put into consideration the language of your target audience, if it is an English speaking audience, communicate in everyday simple English, your communication style should be one that can be quickly and easily understood by your visitors. Remember communication is effective only if you are understood.


Everyone loves something for free. Give a free stuff to your visitors, you can have free articles that will be valuable to them and that can help their business. Provide them with resources that they’ll need, this establishes you as an authority and stamps your brand in their heart.

Spread your wings

Ask your visitors to share your website content that they find valuable on their social media pages for others to also benefit from the free content. This will bring new visitors to your website who are likely to become new customers. Visitor can also enable notifications on their device to be notified automatically when you make an update on your website.

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