5 steps to a successful Facebook advertising campaign

Facebook advertising is vital to the success of any business. Facebook remains the undisputed King of social media and advertising in Facebook will give your business more reach than any other social media network.

Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising, it is trackable, it is optimizable and gives you control.

Just placing an ad on Facebook is not going to make it successful, we are giving you these 5 steps to have a successful Facebook advertising campaign.


Determine what you want to achieve with your Facebook advertising campaign. If you want to drive sales with it or just want to create awareness for your product, you have to be very clear about it.


Social media users who view your Facebook advertising campaign should know what it is about in 6 seconds. Be precise with your content, attention span is short online, you risk having people scroll through your ad if they can’t figure out what it is about within 6 seconds.


Your Facebook advertising campaign should be persuasive and not manipulative. Manipulation is insulting to people, don’t insult people.

Your Facebook advertising campaign should make social media users want to take action. You have to connect your products to their emotional needs and wants.


Your photos should be bright, clean, clear and attractive, be careful not to have too many colors or background colors. Your photo needs a focal point that will draw attention, too many attention grabbing colors will have social media users struggling to focus on any of them.

The background color of your videos is also important, just the same way with your photos, have a focal point that is not distracting from your message.


Call to action should be a no-brainer but it is shocking to see ads with no call to action. Many business owners assume that social media users will click on a button or call the number they see. This is a huge error.

Social media users seldomly take any action if you don’t ask them to, it is very important to call on them to take action else they won’t even though they might need your product.


Many business owners have had failed experience with Facebook advertising and a major reason for that is their budget. Not every social media user who sees your ad will make a buying decision, this is not because they don’t need or want the product but for different reasons.

So it is vital to have adequate budget that will make your Facebook advertising campaign profitable for your business.

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